Philosophy and origins

Luna Yoga resembles a tree rooted in the yoga of ancient India, its trunk formed by fertility and trance dances from around the world. It branches out when it incorporates the latest findings from psychology and medicine, forms leaves in response to creative stimulus, and starts to flower in each course. Finally, its fruit is taken home by the course participants who begin to practice on their own.

Adelheid_Ohlig-1The art of joining body, mind and spirit, yoga has accompanied me since I studied journalism and languages in Vienna in the mid-sixties. As a journalist, I became acquainted with medicine women and shamans around the world. Ongoing training and advanced study of yoga and related body therapies led me to develop Luna Yoga in the 1980s. Stimulus also came from Aviva Steiner, a physiotherapist and dancer in Israel, who taught me her system of exercises to induce menstruation when I was ill and prompted me to experiment with them.

Since then, I have been enthusiastic about teaching, passing on what gives delight and encouraging my students to be mindful of how they treat their bodies. Not everything is in our hands, but sometimes we have more control than we think. All living beings have the power to heal themselves, and this power is worth strengthening.

Luna Yoga contributes to greater happiness and enjoyment of life by promoting suppleness and strength, deepening awareness of the body, releasing creative energy and encouraging fertility in all its guises.

luna yoga