Luna Yoga® Training Programme

The Luna Yoga Training Programme passes on Luna Yoga’s rich store of knowledge through physical exercises from yoga, Ayurveda, and tantra.

Meditation, fertility dances from around the world, relaxation methods, observation of the breath and other techniques to increase creativity round out the programme.

The training programme lasts two years and includes 600  hours of instruction. This corresponds to the scope of the training programme recommended by the European Union of Yoga.

In the first year, the Training year, various methods to stimulate creativity are practiced.

In the second year, the Teaching Methodology year, techniques for imparting, passing on and teaching Luna Yoga are the central focus of the seminars.


The trademark Luna Yoga® is registered at the European Patent Office and may only be used by persons authorized by the owner Adelheid Ohlig. For quality assurance, certified instructors further their education every two years, while certified trainers attend continuing education seminars on a yearly basis.
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